Your favorite foods can be bad for your skin!
Your favorite foods can be bad for your skin!

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Your favorite foods can be bad for your skin!


You cleanse your face every day and you never go to bed with makeup and again your skin is far from glowing and radiant. Well, even though what you put on your face matters a lot it is also very important what you put in your body because it reflects on your skin. Could your favorite foods be ruining your skin in a worst possible way?

Find out which foods can be bad for the skin- and avoid them as much as you can!

  1. Sugar

Everyone knows that the sugar is not good for our overall health and bodyline but it is also bad for our skin too. Sugar breaks down the collagen in in the skin at dramatic rates making your skin look older and lifeless. So, make sure to cut back on the sweet that you are eating for the sake of younger and healthy skin.

  1. Fried foods

This food is very popular and many people love it but did you know that fried food results in fully oxidized, saturated fat which is the worst kind and is bad both for your body and skin. In fact, this kind of food will clog your pores, dehydrate your skin and will lead to the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  1. Processed foods.

Almost all processed food contains added salt, which dries the skin out and makes the skin puffy. The salt also dehydrates the skin making it dry and with breakouts. That’s why always choose fresh food and when you buy processed food don’t forget to check the salt and sugar content.

  1. Dairy foods

Dairy foods tend to cause breakouts for many people. That is because they are highly acidic and rich in natural hormones. If you are eating diary and have acne try to eliminate it for one or two weeks and if your breakouts get better then the dairy foods are causing them and you should reduce their intake.