Your anti - acne diet
Your anti - acne diet

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Your anti - acne diet

The healthy diet is the most important in order to have a beautiful skin. There are foods which cause acne and which make it worse.

The foods rich with refined sugar can increase the sebum's production. The excess of sebum causes acne and the skin is glowing.

To resolve the skin's problems, it is very important to pay attention on what you eat.



- The key for a beautiful skin. The key for having a beautiful skin is to change some foods with other more healthy foods. For example, the chocolate causes acne. You need to change with a chocolate which contains cocoa only.

The milk causes acne. You need to change it with a coconut milk.

The fast food causes acne. You need to change with a more healthy food which is based on vitamins and minerals. 


- Eat foods which hydrate the skin and the organism. A skin with acne is a dehydrated skin. You should hydrate it in order to get rid of the toxins which cause acne. So, you need to avoid the coffee, which dehydrates the skin and you need to eat food rich with water. There are some fruits and vegetables which are consisted of more than 50% of water. You can also drink juices and smoothies.


- Avoid fried and fatty foods. All of the fried and fatty foods cause acne and not only that they cause acne, but they're also very dangerous for the heart. 

You need to eat baked meat and baked potatoes instead of eating french fries or fried meat.

All the fried and fatty foods lose vitamins and minerals. The fish is a source of omega 3, but if the fish is fried, you will eat it for nothing.


- Ban the gluten. The foods which contain gluten (which are really many) can cause acne. But, luckily on the market there are also many gluten free products. You need to change the gluten products with the gluten free products in order to have a glowing skin.


The food we eat is reflected on our mood and hormones. The food is also reflected on our skin.