Why you need to do a facial sauna?
Why you need to do a facial sauna?

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Why you need to do a facial sauna?

The facial sauna is very beneficial for the skin.

The facial sauna helps by cleansing the face profoundly, by opening the pores, by eliminating the blackheads and by detoxifying the skin.

The procedure is very economical and very easy to be done. Why go to the salons, when you can do it at home?


  • To cleanse the skin profoundly. The facial sauna cleanses the face profoundly by opening the pores.

If you have an oily skin, you need to do it once a week, because sometimes the acne and the blackheads are a result of the skin impurities.

For the persons with a normal skin, it needs to be done once in two weeks. It is very important to protect the skin from the pollution.

For the persons with a sensitive skin, prone to rushes, it is not recommended to be done, because they risk to provoke even more rushes.


  • To detoxify the skin. It is very important to detoxify the skin, in order to have a healthy skin. If the skin is detoxified, the acne gets eliminated, the blackheads are eliminated and the skin will have an elasticity, which will help it with preventing the premature aging.

It is very easy to make it. You need to heat a saucepan with water. But, please be careful with the water’s temperature. The temperature should be regulated properly, in order to be able to do the facial sauna. If it is too hot, you risk to burn the skin.


  • To calm yourself down. If you add several drops of a lavender oil or of your favorite essential oil in the hot water, you will enjoy in an aroma therapy treatment at the same time. Those 15 minutes are just for you, so you can calm yourself down from the daily stress and at the same time, you do good for the skin.


  • To prepare the skin for a face scrub. Because the facial sauna opens the pores, it is recommended to do a scrub afterwards. If you do a scrub after the facial sauna treatment, it is very easy to remove the blackheads.


The facial sauna is the first stage of the facial treatments. After the facial sauna treatment, the next step is to do a face scrub and to apply a facial mask. If you practice it, you will have a glowing skin!