Why the clay is beneficial for the skin?
Why the clay is beneficial for the skin?

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Why the clay is beneficial for the skin?

On the market we can find a lot of facial masks based on clay. The clay is being used in the beauty rituals since the ancient times.

The clay comes in several colors and each type of clay has different benefits for the skin. The clay can be beneficial for every skin type and let’s see why it is very used in cosmetics.



  • Green clay. The green clay contains much more minerals than the white clay, the rose clay, the red clay and the yellow clay.

This type of clay has nourishing, absorbing, purifying and disinfectant powers. Those powers are the reason why the green clay is part of many facial masks for an oily skin.

The green clay can cure the skin from acne, pimples and blackheads, by making it soft, fresh and repaired.


  • Red clay. This type of clay can be used on oily skin, sensitive skin, mature skin and irritated skin.

This mineral is rich with iron and oligo – elements, which improve the microcirculation.

The red clay mattifies the complexion and eliminates the excess of sebum, so it can also be used by the combination skin.

The red clay is perfect for eliminating the redness on the skin, so it can also be used on a sensitive and irritated skin.

This type of clay is also used as a natural dye in the makeup products and it can also repair the scalp.


  • White clay. The white clay is riche with mineral salts: potassium, iron, magnesium and zinc. This type of clay nourishes the skin profoundly and can be used on a dry skin, but when combined with a tea tree oil, can also cure the skin from acne and pimples and it can remove the blackheads. So, the white clay is also recommended for an oily and a combination skin.


The white clay also calms the skin irritations and the skin redness.


From all the types of clay, the green clay, the red clay and the white clay are the most used clays in cosmetics and they are part of many facial masks, makeup products and scrubs for the scalp.