Why is sleeping in makeup bad for your skin?
Why is sleeping in makeup bad for your skin?

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Why is sleeping in makeup bad for your skin?

Sleeping with makeup is something that has happened to almost every woman. This is the last thing that comes to our minds after a long day of work or a night out with our friends. We all have heard that sleeping with makeup is bad for the skin, but how bad is it really? Let’s just say that you will be happy to clean your face every night after you read this.


  1. Sleeping with makeup will clog the pores of your skin. Your pores need to breathe during the night and if you don’t remove your makeup it will stretch the pores making them look bigger.
  2. Your skin will get dry. Long-term sleeping in makeup will affect your skin and it may become dry, red and itchy.
  3. Acnes will start to appear. Sleeping with makeup is a prefect recipe for the appearance of acne. This is especially bad for those with oily skin.
  4. Your skin will look older. Sleeping with your makeup can lead to collagen breakdown and skin that ages faster.
  5. The risks of getting an infection are enormous. If you already have a sensitive skin and an active skin abrasion it is very likely that an infection may occur because the skin barrier is damaged.
  6. Your eyelashes may get broken. Washing the mascara before you go to bed is also very important part from your face care. Exposing your eyelashes on mascara during the night can make them thin and brittle. Much worse, your mascara may cause eye infection, which often leads to visual impairment.

No one wants to have damaged and tired skin, no matter how busy your day was, clean your face, eyes and lips before going to bed.