Why is it important to remove the makeup?
Why is it important to remove the makeup?

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Why is it important to remove the makeup?

A very big BRAVO for the women who remove their makeup every day. The others who don't remove it, should know that it is really essential to do so. You shouldn't forget to remove your makeup.

Because the skin memorizes everything that we do to it, it also memorizes if you don't remove the makeup. 



- Why should you remove the makeup on the eyes? A mascara, eyeshadows and an eye pencil are the most used products for eyes makeup. All of those products can get into your eye few hours after you have applied them. It is very dangerous to have makeup products in the eyes. They can provoke numerous infections, but it gets even scarier because you can lose your vision. We have all read about the woman who haven't removed her makeup for 25 years. It is even more dangerous for the women who wear contact lenses, because it is easier to get an infection with contact lenses in the eyes.


- Why should you remove the makeup from the face and the complexion? It is essential to cleanse the face every day, even if you don't wear makeup. Men should also cleanse their face. During the day, all of the impurities accumulate in the skin and are caused by external factors such as the pollution. The makeup accumulates in the skin too. If you don't cleanse the skin, you risk provoking acne, you risk getting a premature skin aging and you risk getting a grey and dry skin or a very oily skin, because the quantity of sebum is not controlled. Every skin type develops different problems. 


- One more reason to remove the makeup. During the evening, the skin starts its regeneration process. The skin can't have a successful regeneration process if the skin is not cleansed. The result? Skin diseases and skin problems. Why to provoke skin problems, when we can prevent them?


After removing the makeup, you need to cleanse the face, because a makeup remover doesn't cleanse the face, but it only removes the makeup. If you don't want to use two separate products, you can use a micellar water, which is 2 in 1: a makeup remover and a cleanser.