Why do I have acne?
Why do I have acne?

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Why do I have acne?

Acne is a skin disease which is very common at the teenagers and at the adolescents. Why are you the one who has acne and why aren’t you like the others who don’t have it? We can say that it is normal for the teenagers to have acne because of the hormonal changes, but why the adults also have them?

Acne is a skin disease which should be properly treated.



  • You consume a lot of dairy products. Believe it or not, but the diary products can cause acne at the adults who are lactose intolerant. The cow’s milk is the first factor that causes acne. If you have this problem, you can change the cow’s milk with a coconut milk. You can eat cheese and yoghurt, as they don’t have the same structure and the same ingredients as the cow’s milk.


  • You don’t cleanse the face. Acne can be cause by external factors such as the pollution for example. The toxins which can be found in the polluted air penetrate into the skin and the skin produces acne.

But the pollution is not the only factor. All of the impurities can cause acne. If you have a habit of touching the face, the impurities of your hands accumulate into the skin and once more the skin can start producing acne. This is why it is very important to cleanse the face every day before going to bed. You should also find a mild cleansing gel, which can be used few times a day. You can cleanse the face once you arrive home and before going to bed. But the gel should be mild and a kind of gel which doesn’t dry the skin out. If you have an oily skin and if you dry it out, you can get an opposite effect of what you wanted to avoid in the first place.


  • Your skin has an extra sebum. The oily skin can produce a lot of sebum, which leads to an acne production. To get rid of the excess of sebum, you should exfoliate the skin once a week. You should also use tea tree oil-based masks, which also remedy acne.