Why are we beauty addicts?
Why are we beauty addicts?

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Why are we beauty addicts?

A beauty addict is a person who loves buying and using cosmetic products.

Body lotions, hand creams, lipsticks, eyeshadow pallets, facial toners and lip pencils are just some examples of products that the beauty addicts buy every day.

Why are we addicted to the cosmetic products?



  • The cosmetics boost our confidence. The beauty products are made to help us improve our look. The cremes, the lotions, the toners and the face masks improve the condition of our skin. The makeup makes us beautiful. This means that the cosmetic products boost our confidence which is the reason why we became addicts.


  • The smell that we can’t resist. The parfums, the lotions, the lip balms have a specific smell that makes us fall in love with. Once we have experienced this smell, we can’t resist anymore and we have to buy it and use it again and again, which makes us addicts.


  • Everybody has a preferred product. Even if you’re not a beauty addict, we are certain that you must have at least one favorite product without which you can’t live and you don’t want to believe that it won’t be produced one day. There is a product for every customer.


  • A discount? - Oh yes and oh no. When a beauty addict finds out that there is a discount on beauty products, she/he will be the first person that will buy them. The beauty addicts have to buy all of the products, they have to have every single lipstick, because they come in colors, and every eyeshadow palette. They think that they will save money because if there isn’t a discount, they still have to buy the products and they don’t see the products’ price. They’re true collectors.


The truth is, the beauty addicts can never use all of their products because they really have a lot of them, but they have to have them.