Why are the walnuts beneficial for the skin?
Why are the walnuts beneficial for the skin?

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Why are the walnuts beneficial for the skin?

We normally don’t eat a lot of walnuts. If you don’t want to eat them, then you should combine them with other foods, but you shouldn’t avoid them.

Why are the walnuts so important? The walnuts are different from the other fruits and vegetables, because they are richer with omega 3 acids. They are very beneficial for the organism and for the skin too.



  • The walnuts reduce the stress. According to several studies, the walnuts reduce the stress. Because today nobody is stress immune, and the stress is the reason for all of the diseases, also for the acne and for the premature aging, it is good to know that we can resist it. So, you shouldn’t avoid eating walnuts.


  • Nourish the skin with walnuts. The walnuts are rich with minerals and with vitamin E, which is another reason to consume them. The minerals and the vitamin E are very important for a good skin health. It is essential to nourish the skin, in order to have a glowing skin.


  • Walnuts against the skin aging. The walnuts are powerful antioxidants which fight against the wrinkles. The walnuts protect the skin from the external influences, such as the pollution, which is responsible for the premature aging of the skin.


  • The miracle of the walnut oil. If you don’t eat walnuts, you can try the walnut oil, which has the same characteristics as the walnuts. The walnut oil is rich with omega 3 and 6 and with vitamin E. It can replace the sunflower and the olive oil in the salads, or, it can be used directly on the skin. This oil can save every type of hair, thanks to the vitamin B6, present in it. You can also put several drops of it in your night cream.


The walnuts can also fight against the cellulite. You can either consume them, or, you can put several drops of the walnut oil in your body lotion.


There are several ways of using or consuming the walnuts. It is very important not to avoid them.