Which type of cleanser for which type of skin?
Which type of cleanser for which type of skin?

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Which type of cleanser for which type of skin?

There are several types of cleansers and we are not always sure, which one is the perfect one for us.

There are micellar waters, cleansing milks, foams, toners, gels etc.

There are also several skin types: an oily skin with or without acne, combination skin, dry skin and normal skin type. Each skin type can also be a sensitive skin type. This is why we should pay attention when choosing the right cleanser for our skin type.



  • Gel cleansers. The gels should be applied on a wet skin and rinsed with water afterwards. This type of cleanser is recommended for a combination skin, an oily skin or for a normal skin. But, because the gels can be aggressive or abrasive for the skin, they are not recommended neither for a sensitive nor for a skin with acne.


  • Micellar waters. The micellar waters are used to remove the makeup and to cleanse the face at the same time. There are micellar waters that should be rinsed after application on the face and there are micellar waters that shouldn’t be washed after usage.

The micellar water contains small particles, which are called micelles and which remove the impurities.

The micellar waters that have to be rinsed, might irritate the skin.

The micellar water is normally recommended for an oily skin, normal skin, dry skin and combination skin.


  • Soaps. The soaps have to be rinsed. The best soaps are those that don’t disturb the pH of the skin. There are a lot of different types of soaps today, that are adapted for every different skin type.

The soaps can eliminate acne and can remove the excess of sebum. So, the soaps are normally recommended for an oily or a combination skin.


  • Cleansing milks. The cleansing milks are very hydrating and are recommended for a dry and sensitive skin. Those cleansing milks are the best care in winter, as in winter every skin is dry.


The cleansers are used after the makeup removers (with an exception for the micellar water) and before the hydrating creams. Because a lot of the cleansers dry the skin, don’t forget to use a hydrating cream after their usage.