Which oil for your skin type?
Which oil for your skin type?

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Which oil for your skin type?

The essential and vegetable oils have a lot of benefits on the skin. The essential and vegetable oils are organic, bio, natural and economic products. But there are a lot of different oils, so how can we know which oil to use for our skin type?

Many oils have different powers and can be used for every skin type. We have made a small practical guide, so you can decide which oil to use.



If you have an oily skin: The oily skin has a tendency of producing acne, but, it also produces extra sebum, which gives the effect of shiny skin. We recommend the tea tree oil for an oily skin. This oil has an antibacterial and an antiseptic effect and it makes miracles for a lot of skin diseases. Because the tea tree oil has an antibacterial and an antiseptic effect, it can cure acne and it controls the excess of sebum. It can also prevent acne.

Another oil for an oily skin, but, without acne, is the jojoba oil, which controls the excess of sebum and which nourishes the skin profoundly, without leaving it shiny.


If you have a dry skin: The dry skin is a skin type which needs to be hydrated at all times. The dry skin can also be an irritated skin and a sensitive skin, because of the lack of water.

We recommend the coconut oil for this skin type. This oil has antiseptic powers and it hydrates the skin profoundly. It can repair the dry skin on the face, the body, the feet and the scull.

For a dry and irritated skin, we recommend the calendula oil, which has a very greasy structure and which repairs the skin. This oil can cure the burns on the skin and can remedy some skin diseases, such as eczema, psoriasis and others.


If you have a normal skin: If you have a normal skin, you are very lucky. The normal skin needs to be hydrated and cleansed, because every person is exposed on external influences, such as stress, tobacco and pollution.

The ideal oil for this type of skin is the avocado oil, which nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly.


You can also mix two oils together, or, you can put several drops of your favorite oil in your daily cream.