Which lipstick for the Valentine's Day?
Which lipstick for the Valentine's Day?

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Which lipstick for the Valentine's Day?

The Valentine's Day has almost arrived and you don't know which lipstick to wear. It doesn't matter if you are taken or single and how are you gonna celebrate it, we have made a small list of lipsticks which are trending at the moment. Even if you're single, it is possible that you find your soulmate.



Fuchsia lipstick. The fuchsia is the color that marked the 2018, but it also stayed in 2019. Even if you wear black classic clothes, this color will look perfect with them. 


- Red lipstick. Ah the red lipstick. It's the classic lipstick which was the favorite lipstick of a lot of strong women who made history. This color is irreplaceable, because it's an elegant and sophisticated color. It's the color of love and because it's the day of love, it will be an excellent choice.


- Nude rose lipstick.  If you wish to accentuate the eyes, this color is perfect for your. Plus, it's a color which goes very well with most of the clothes.

It's a classic color which goes very will with many different makeup styles.


- Peach lipstick. This is the ideal color for you if you have a pale complexion. If you have a darker complexion, you will also need to use a lipstick in a darker peach color.

It's a perfect color for the romantic ladies and for the women who are a little bit shy, because it's not a color which makes you the center of the attention. But it's a color which refreshes your face.


- A burgundy lipstick. The burgundy lipstick is another classic color which is perfect for the mysterious women. It's also a sophisticated color which attracts attention and which gives you self confidence. This lipstick goes very well with a black eyeliner.


If you can't find the perfect color, it is always a good idea to mix two or more lipstick colors or to mix a lipstick with a lip pencil in a different color.