Which jam to eat for a healthy skin?
Which jam to eat for a healthy skin?

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Which jam to eat for a healthy skin?


The autumn is on its way and the jam season is opened. The jam is our sweet pleasure.

Luckily, you can make your own homemade jam and enjoy in its magical taste. The jam is beneficial for the skin, but only if it’s a homemade one. The jams that are not bio and natural are not beneficial for the skin, as they contain refined sugar and preservatives.



  • Apple jam. The apples are very powerful antioxidants which make miracles for the mature skin. The apples have an anti – aging effect on the skin and fight against the free radicals. The apple is very nourishing for the skin and it is rich with vitamins, minerals and calcium.


  • Peach jam. The peach is rich with vitamins B and C, which are essential for a healthy skin. The peach is also rich with carotene, which protects the skin from the sun and its UV rays. Just like the apple, the peach is a powerful antioxidant too.


  • Strawberry jam. The strawberries are among the most beneficial fruits for the skin, because they are rich with vitamin C, they are powerful antioxidants, they are rich with carotene and they fight against the premature aging of the skin. Not only that the strawberries are 4 in 1, but, the strawberry jam has the best taste too.


  • Cherry jam. The cherries protect the skin from the external influences. The cherries are powerful antioxidants which make miracles for the mature skin. The cherries are excellent for the persons who suffer from insomnia, because cherries help in falling a sleep faster. We already know that the good sleep is essential for a glowing skin.


  • Kiwi jam. To have a unified and glowing complexion, you need to eat a kiwi jam. The kiwi is rich with vitamins A and C. The kiwi nourishes and purifies the skin profoundly and it is especially recommended for a skin with acne. The kiwi reduces the stress, which is the reason for having a skin with acne.


What is your favorite jam?