Which fruits for a healthy skin?
Which fruits for a healthy skin?

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Which fruits for a healthy skin?

The key for having a beautiful skin is not only the good makeup or the facials. We should also take care of what we eat. There are foods which are bad for the skin and foods which have a contribution for your beautiful skin. The fruits are among the foods which make your skin glow.



  • All of the fruits with an orange or a red color. The fruits with an orange or a red color are rich with carotene. The carotene is essential in order to protect the skin from the sun or in order to renew the structure of the cells.

Those fruits are called carotenoids.


  • All the dried fruits. Not only the fresh fruits are good for the skin, but the dried fruits are also good in order for your skin to look good.

It is true that the dried fruits lose some vitamins in the drying process, such as the vitamin C, but they are rich with antioxidants. The antioxidants have an anti – aging effect, improve the skin’s elasticity and strengthen the immune system.

Those fruits are also rich with fatty acids. The fatty acids hydrate the skin profoundly.


  • Sea fruits. The sea fruits are actually the sea food. It is recommended in order to have a beautiful skin. It is rich with antioxidants, omega 3, selenium and zinc. Thanks to those substances, the skin is protected from the external influences and it is healthy.


  • Avocados. There are a lot of recipes for homemade masks which are based on avocados. The avocados are good for the skin when they are directly put on the skin, but also when they are consumed.


The avocados are rich with vitamins: with A, C and E. They make the skin gentle and hydrate it profoundly.

They are also powerful antioxidants.


  • Apples. The apple is very recommended for the general health, but it is good for the skin too. It’s a fruit rich with vitamins, minerals and it’s a powerful antioxidant.


All of the substances that make the fruit, have their own contribution for the skin.