When it comes to the skin – less is more
When it comes to the skin – less is more

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When it comes to the skin – less is more

Yes of course we should take care of our skin. We should do facial treatments regularly and we should use cosmetics adapted on our skin type.

But what if you do it all and you still don’t have the best results? Did you know that you actually shouldn’t harm the skin with the cosmetic products? If this is your case, you should know that less is more.



  • An exaggerated use of cosmetic products. You are using a toner, a facial lotion, a day cream, a night cream, a mask and all of the other possible products. If you overuse all of the cosmetic products every day, you will have a counter effect, which is the opposite of the expected results: you will have a skin with acne or a very dry skin. The negative effect depends on the skin type, but it is everybody’s case, especially for the persons with a sensitive skin.

A lot of people don’t know that the overuse of cosmetic products has a negative effect. The truth is that some of the cosmetic products are not adapted and are not recommended for every skin type.


  • A peeling and a mask, yes, but how many times per week? Yes, it is true that we should exfoliate the skin, but only once or twice per week. The exfoliation is very beneficial as it helps us get rid of the excess of sebum and it removes the dead cells, but it shouldn’t be done more than once or twice per week. An exaggerated exfoliation can cause acne, because the sebum is removed very often, so the skin is programed to think that it should produce even more sebum. If the oily skin is dried, it produces a lot of not needed sebum, which results with acne.


  • Every skin should be nourished and hydrated. The biggest error is to dry the skin. As we mentioned above, every skin type, even the oily and the combination skin, should be hydrated and nourished properly, so it can function properly and so it can be healthy.


When it comes to the skin – less is more!