What your favorite lipstick color says about you?
What your favorite lipstick color says about you?

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What your favorite lipstick color says about you?


The truth is that we can tell so much about a person just by looking at them. The way we leave our home every day, from the way we are dressed to our lipstick color, holds much more meaning than we think and can speaks volumes about our personality. So, if you pick a pink lipstick it says certain things about you. We went a little further and broke it down to basics, that’s why continue reading to discover what your favorite lipstick color says about you.

  1. Red lipstick

Red means sexy, passionate and confident. These women don’t mind being the center of attention and are completely comfortable having all eyes on them. In short, the classic red is a color of a woman who is loving, energetic, extremely passionate and independent.

  1. Pink lipstick

If you love the baby pink then you are probably feminine, girly and sensitive. You are a day-dreamer and you live in your own world. And if your choice is hot pink then you are adventurous and energetic person who knows how to make everyone smile. All in all, you are fun, flirt, outgoing and trendy.

  1. Orange or coral lipstick

Positive, optimistic, carefree, wild and vivacious are the words that describe you. You love helping others and always strive to make the best out of any situation.

  1. Deep berry or plum lipstick

You are unique, different, spontaneous and rule-breaker. Since you have a unique style, you don’t mind being set apart from the crowd. And you also prefer to take risks over waiting to see what will happen that sometimes can get you into trouble.

  1. Nude lipstick

Women who go with nude lip are usually shy, sweet and kind. You prefer being in the background rather than in the center of attention. You like to keep things simple and believe that beauty lies in minimalism.