What to eat in the evening in order to have a fresh skin in the mornin
What to eat in the evening in order to have a fresh skin in the morning?

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What to eat in the evening in order to have a fresh skin in the morning?

Normally, to keep the good line, you should eat at least two hours before going to bed, not later. 

We have created a small list of food which refresh your skin, so you can have a glowing skin in the morning.

You can change your regular meal for diner with those foods.



- Banana. The banana can't get you fat, so you can eat it in the evening without fear.

The banana is rich with antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium.

So, the antioxidants improve the skin's state, in other words, they stop the premature aging.

The vitamin C can prevent wrinkles.

The vitamin B6 can help you sleep better and the magnesium improves the skin's structure.


- Potato. The potato is rich with vitamin C and can be used externally on the skin, because it can help you solve a lot of skin problems.

You can do a potato puree and combine it with any salad you prefer. So, you will keep your good silhouette and you will repair the skin at the same time.


- Oranges. The oranges are also rich with vitamin C which fights the premature skin aging. You can also make an orange juice and add some lemons too. The lemons are also rich with a vitamin C and this juice can boost your immunity system. It would be better if you add some honey instead of adding a sugar.

There are some myths that the vitamin C consumed before bed time prevents the sleep, but there are some studies which prove that this myth is not true. If you're however afraid that it will prevent you from sleeping, you can consume this juice two hours before going to bed, just like it is recommended.


Figs. The figs improve the skin's structure and elasticity. They're also powerful antioxidants. 

You can make a fig compote, but it is better to eat them fresh in order to benefit from their vitamins.