What not to eat for healthy skin!
What not to eat for healthy skin!

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What not to eat for healthy skin!

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It is nice that you care about your skin, and you are interested in how to improve it. Daily skincare and facial regiments are one part of the healthy skin look, the other part is much more difficult in practice. Turns out that the food we eat is usually an unhealthy choice and can be the number one trigger for skin breakouts. Avoiding the food you love is very challenging, but must be considered for your own good. We will divide this “hostile food” into two columns. Here are some of the trigger foods for blackheads and acne…

Milk and sugar

This was devastating for you, but not totally unfamiliar. Besides the weight gaining, did you know that every third person on this planet have lactose intolerance? Regular milk products contain this milky sugar lactose and can provoke gastrointestinal symptoms that leads to skin breakouts. What about the idea that sugar can be dangerous substance for your skin? Sweets and sugars belong to the group of high addicting foods and can be the cause of many diseases. Milk chocolate, ice-cream and soda drinks contain high level of fructose, which causes an insulin spike and higher levels of insulin are the perfect setup for acne and pimples.

Grain products and cereals

Bread, donuts, cereals, pasta and bagels are the most unfriendly skin foods. You can seek excuses for not exclude this products off your daily menu, but the truth is your skin will be thankful without any of them. Number one problem in these foods is gluten. All of them have high glycemic index that cause quick insulin spike. The gluten is a wheat protein which cause skin allergies, breakouts and acne. Grains are problematic for many reasons so it is best for you to avoid.