What makeup to wear this winter?
What makeup to wear this winter?

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What makeup to wear this winter?

Winter is the cold. The skin is drier than before and the lips are dry too.

Regarding the makeup, in winter you can be the Snow Queen or you can wear a minimalistic makeup.

So, what makeup to wear when it’s cold outside and how to stay beautiful and hydrated? We have the best advises.



  • Metallic lips. In order to be the Snow Queen, it is obligatory to use metallic lipsticks. The metallic lipsticks have been modern the whole year, but it is the winter time when they look the best.

To have lips that seduce, firstly, you have to have well hydrated lips, because in winter the lips are dry. To hydrate them, you have to do peelings and you have to exfoliate them regularly.

Every day before bed time and every time when you don’t wear lipstick, you should put a lip butter.

Regarding the metallic lipstick color, it is up to you to decide which one you would like to wear. Today there is a very big choice of lipstick colors and everything is allowed.


  • Minimalistic makeup. Because the metallic lips are for the braver ones, we thought of the others too. The others who don’t prefer an eccentric look, can wear a minimal makeup.

The minimal makeup is a makeup that doesn’t show that we have put a makeup on. This means that you need to use nude shades: perfect complexion, nude lips and light eyeshadows. To achieve this look, you have to take care of your skin, because this looks requires a perfect complexion naturally. So, you need to do facials regularly and you need to hydrate and nourish the skin.

Regarding the colors, it is easy with the nude shades, you can use a lipstick which is one shade darker than your complexion.


  • Eyelid like a game stone. The glow is also permitted in winter. In winter we also celebrate the New Years Eve, so we can use a little magic to have seductive eyes. Don’t forget to put a mascara to accentuate the eyes.