What makeup to wear this spring?
What makeup to wear this spring?

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What makeup to wear this spring?

Spring is an awakening season. It's a colorful floral season with a beautiful nature.

Because the winter is over, your complexion is still pale, but some colors won't harm anybody. 

If you don't know which are the latest trends, don't worry, we can help you.



- Put a bright color on your eyes. In spring we wear bright colors. 

This look is for the braver ones. You should use extreme colors to achieve it, such as fuchsia, purple, eccentric blue, eccentric green or yellow. 

You only need an eye shadow palette with such colors. You don't have to put any eyeliner with this look. 


- A classical look. The classical look never goes out of style. We can only see some modifications.

You can never make a mistake if you put a black eyeliner and a red lipstick with it. You can make it look like a latest trend if you're a girl with freckles. You shouldn't cover the freckles, their time has come.


- Golden glitter eyeliner. The golden glitter eyeliner is a must this spring. It goes well with a red lipstick and with a nude one. 

You can wear it with nude and beige eye shadows or no eye shadows at all, because it leaves a statement by itself, but you won't get an arrogant look. 


- Nude lips never go out of style. You can't make a mistake if you put a nude lipstick. It is also a classical look which goes well with nude eyes. But, it also goes well with bright eyes and a golden glitter eyeliner. So, it doesn't limit your makeup for the eyes. 


When choosing a makeup look which is the latest trend, please make sure if it goes well on your complexion and your hair color. It is always better to wear a makeup style adapted on your complexion color, eye color and hair color.