What comes first? The order of makeup application!
What comes first? The order of makeup application!

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What comes first? The order of makeup application!


Applying a makeup like a pro is a dream of every women, not only you will have the best results, but putting the makeup products in the correct way will help them to stay longer on your face. There are so many products out there that sometimes can be really difficult to figure out in what order they go on. If you want to know keep scrolling and learn exactly how to apply your makeup in the right order.

#1. Primer

Before anything else apply primer. The primer creates a base on your skin for your make up products to sit on and helps control issues like pore size or redness.

#2. Foundation

Next comes the foundation. Look for a liquid foundation or a BB cream. Start by applying a thin layer for a natural look or build it up gradually if you need more.

#3. Concealer

The concealer works best when applied after the foundation. Even though a foundation does a good job by covering up, the concealer is even better because it will make all the imperfections non-existent.

#4. Powder

The powder is very important part from your beauty routine because it absorbs the excess oil and makes your makeup stay in place all day.

#5. Bronzer then blush

Bronzers can give you a glow and define your cheeks. But whether you are using it to contour or just to get a glow, make sure it comes before the blush. After you finish with the bronzer define your cheeks with the blush for an instant glow.

#6. Eyeshadow and eyeliner, then mascara

First apply the shadow and the eyeliner (because these two are easier to apply on bare lashes) and the last goes the mascara.

#7. Lip liner, then lipstick

Lip liner and the lipstick should be applied at the end. At this stage choose your favorite lipstick color and define your lips.

 #8. Setting spray

And finally, the last step! Spritz a make up setting spray all over your face to help your makeup last.