What color of eyeshadow for your eyes?
What color of eyeshadow for your eyes?

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What color of eyeshadow for your eyes?

The makeup is really an art. We put makeup in order to be beautiful, but we're artists at the same time. Our face is an empty canvas waiting to be painted. The difference between a true canvas and our face is in the face indicators which make us choose the right color. It's the eyes and the complexion color which oblige us to choose the eyeshadow color.



1. Purple and plum eyeshadows:

- Eyes: blue or brown

- Complexion: cool undertone


All of the purple and plum shades are perfect for blue and brown eyes. They're excellent on a cool undertone of the skin too, but their advantage is that the complexion's color is not important in this case. What is important is the color of the eyes. The purple and the plum shades underline this type of eyes. 


2. Orange eyeshadows:


- Eyes: blue, green, brown

- Complexion: cool and warm skin undertone


The orange shades go very well with almost all types of eyes: blue, green and brown eyes. This shades go very well with a cool skin undertone. You need to be careful with those shades if you have a warm skin undertone, because there are some shades which are very bright and which don't go well with this complexion color. 

However, the spectrum of orange shades which go with this complexion color is very wide, so we can consider that this color can be perfect for everybody. 


3. Brown eyeshadows:

- Eyes: brown, green

- Complexion: warm skin undertone


The brown shades especially underline the brown eyes and the warm skin undertone. Because they come from the same color spectra, they give an exotic look to the person. 

Those shades are also applicable for green eyes. With green eyes, those colors do a contrast so the eyes are underlined.


If you're not sure if the color goes well with your eyes, the best advice is to do a contrast.