Wake up your senses with those smells
Wake up your senses with those smells

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Wake up your senses with those smells

There are natural odors that wake our senses and relax us.

The wake of the senses is a sort of aromatherapy, but we are talking about specific substances and foods, which we can also use for a skin care.

The aromatherapy helps reduce the stress, which is the main reason for acne.

We have made a small list of natural ingredients that wake our senses and that can be used for a skin care at the same time:



  1. Lavender oil. The lavender is very famous because of its specific smell that relaxes us. The lavender oil is recommended for an oily skin with an acne tendency. It’s a natural cure against acne.

This oil is also recommended for a mature skin, as it fights against the wrinkles.


  1. Vanilla. Vanilla is the preferred smell of the gourmets. Vanilla softens the skin and is  part of numerous cosmetic products.

You can use the vanilla oil to nourish and to soften the skin. If you don’t want to use this oil directly on your face, then you can add several drops of it in your face cream, so you can enjoy in its virtues and in its relaxing scent.


  1. Rose water. The rose water is very beneficial for the dry and sensitive skin. It’s a natural toner and a natural makeup remover.

The smell of the rose is the favorite smell of the persons who love flowers. It is a specific smell that inspires us.


  1. Coconut oil. The coconut oil must be your mandatory ingredient. The coconut oil improves the immune system and it should be consumed once a day.

The coconut oil repairs the dry skin and the results can be seen in just several hours.

This oil is also beneficial for the hair as this oil can be used to return the glow of the dry hair.

There are two types of coconut oil: coconut oil with and coconut oil without smell. Of course, we recommend the coconut oil with smell, so you can fly to an exotic destination.


The power of the smell is very big. The smells and odors can relax you and can make you dreamy.