Valentine's Day makeup ideas
Valentine's Day makeup ideas

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Valentine's Day makeup ideas

The Valentine's Day is close and we can star with the annual preparations.

Normally, all of the couples go out on this day. They go to the cinema, on a dinner or at the partner's. But wherever you go, you should have your perfect makeup prepared. 

We have found some ideas for your makeup for the Valentine's Day, with which your date will fall in love with you again.



- Color contacts. If you don't like wearing a lot of makeup, you can surprise your partner by wearing color contacts.

You can choose a color different than your eyes' color. For example, if you have brown eyes, you can wear green contacts. 


- Use a BB or a CC cream. The BB or the CC cream is ideal for covering the imperfections, but you will have a natural look at the same time. 

If you go to dinner, you can put a face powder, but it should be light - structured. 

Don't forget to hydrate the face before applying the BB, the CC cream or the face powder.


- A romantic blush. Because the Valentine's Day is romantic, your blush should also be romantic. 

We recommend using a rose or a peach blush. Those colors will refresh your complexion and you will have a fresh look. 


- Lips in plum. The plum lips are ideal if you go to a dinner, but if your eyes don't have a lot of makeup, you can also use this color if you go to the cinema.

It's a very good combination with gold eye shadows and if you go to a dinner, you can also add a black eyeliner. 


- A classical makeup. The classical makeup is red lips with a black eyeliner.

If you want a a look with less makeup, you can use a red lip gloss and if you want a more glamorous look, than you can use a red lipstick. 


Before putting makeup, it is very important to prepare the skin. This means to hydrate the skin, use face masks and face scrubs.