Use ozonated olive oil for clean skin
Use ozonated olive oil for clean skin

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Use ozonated olive oil for clean skin

Olive oil is natural oil derived from the olives and has extremely delicious taste and is also very good for our health and beauty. However, rarely anyone knows about the benefits of the ozonated form of this natural oil.

This type of olive oil is produced by using cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The manufacturing process goes by putting the oil through a ‘ozone injection’. This process involves bubbling the ozone into the oil for an extended period until it is ready for use.

Ozonated olive oil has numerous benefits especially for the skin. Its properties can help stimulate regeneration of skin cells. It can also reduce inflammation, ease irritation and speed up healing. As a topical massage paste, the ozonated oil acts as a natural antioxidant which allows for toxins and lactic acid to be released from the skin pores and help get rid of dirt and bacteria. Its antibacterial qualities make it a useful natural remedy for acne and many other skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. As well as its ability to cleanse the skin, ozonated olive oil helps reduce redness and swelling of the skin. Ozonated olive oil can also be used to diminish the signs of aging like premature wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. A simple acne solution for every skin type is an ozonated olive oil. It can clean and help remove harmful toxins and free radicals and calm the skin. It is more effective than the olive oil itself because the oxygen delivered by ozonated ointments can improve the circulation and stimulate the cell recovery faster. Plus, it is a great remedy for healing sunburns. It improves the speed of burn healing and can help keep wounds clean by delivering both olive oil and oxygen to the skin. This combination calms nerves and reduces the swelling and redness of a sunburn as the oil and oxygen stimulate growth of skin cells for faster healing.

Other uses of the ozonated olive oil for the skin:

  • It acts as a great natural moisturizer
  • It can be used to reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks
  • It can relieve sunburn
  • It can treat infections of the sweat glands
  • It can remove many infections of the skin
  • It can break down the cellulite