Use duct tape for clean face without blackheads!
Use duct tape for clean face without blackheads!

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Use duct tape for clean face without blackheads!

Hardly anyone knows that duct tape actually can be used for removing blackheads. This is nothing but an adhesive tape that can be placed on the surface of the skin occurred with blackheads. By pulling this sticky tape you can easily remove the blackheads from the skins surface as it won’t require much time to do it as well. Plus, there is no need of a help of others to eliminate this skin problem. This happens to be one of the best ways for blackheads removal that rarely anyone knows.

This is a safe procedure that doesn’t lead to breaking the capillaries because in the part of the nose area capillaries can form in a very easy way. Also, there is a believe that duct tape can increase the size of the pores which can lead to blackheads and other skin problems but, this isn’t relevant believe, because pore sizes actually can get larger as a result of an excessive sun exposure or some other skin condition.

Here’s the procedure of removing blackheads with duct tape:

  • First apply a proper face soap that contains salicylic acid on the parts on the face where the blackheads are more prominent
  • After applying massage your skin, especially the parts occurred with blackheads and pores. That way the soap will penetrate the pores very easy
  • Then path dry your entire face very gently without rubbing
  • Now cut out duct tape into the needed size
  • Place the tape on the affected area and pat with the fingers to place it properly.
  • At this point slowly remove the tape by pulling back the surrounding skin and then quickly remove the strip

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And that’s it! Now you have clean face without blackheads and clogged pores!