Тurn into a summer beauty this summer!
Тurn into a summer beauty this summer!

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Тurn into a summer beauty this summer!

The long summer days and warm weather knock on your door. It’s the perfect time to enjoy some relaxation, recreation, and self-renewal. But, before all of these happen, its best to take care of the body and skin the right way. Do not worry if you don’t know what to do and where to start. We have the answers to your questions and needs.

By following these tips below, you will look and feel as good as possible this summer.

  • Go for some professional treatment for your optimal skin and current condition of your skin, like for example: facial toning or chemical peel.
  • If needed, facial waxing and eyelash tinting may also be the answer.
  • Regular use of a light moisturizer for clear pores and blemishes is a must.
  • When it comes to summer makeup, less is better. Mineral makeup with SPF protection is optimal. Add a little bit of bronzer for a healthy natural glow. For the finishing touch, add some eyeliner and lip gloss.
  • A key to luminous skin is the sunscreen. Choose one that is labeled broad-spectrum or UVA/UVB that hydrates and provides skin with antioxidant protection. Reapply sunscreen every two hours if you are in the sun. Mineral makeup with SPF can enhance protection.
  • For smoother, silkier skin, exfoliate regularly because the oil production and perspiration increase in the heat, leading to accumulation of dead skin cells.
  • If you are tired of shaving every day, try waxing or laser hair removal instead.
  • Another problem for every girl in the summer is the annoying cellulite. That is why it’s best to try with some cellulite treatment before the summer hits. Using the combined energies of bi-polar radio frequency and infrared light and energy, along with vacuum and mechanical message is effective on all skin types and colors.