Turn back the clock with these anti-aging foods
Turn back the clock with these anti-aging foods

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Turn back the clock with these anti-aging foods


The aging process is inevitable and when the wrinkles and fine lines start to appear we are trying different methods and experiment with many beauty products to get rid or to cover them. But maybe there are other ways to stop the aging process and to make your skin younger-looking, something that you didn’t think of before. What if we tell you that if you change something in your diet you will slow down the aging and reduce the wrinkles. We are going to tell you some foods which are not only delicious but can help with everything from wrinkles, dark spots to sagging skin. And here they are:


Tomatoes- They are rich in Vitamin C and can boost the production of collagen that can make your skin firmer and plumper. Studies have shown that eating tomatoes regularly will give your skin natural glow and you will look younger and healthier than before.
Blueberries- since they are powerhouse of antioxidants they can prevent damage to the structure of your cells and you will say good bye to the wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots.
Egg yolks- You can either eat them or use them topically as a face mask, in both ways they will nourish your skin and will fight the wrinkles from your face. Include them in your balanced diet and change your life forever.
Dark chocolate- Did you know that eating small amounts of dark chocolate (with 70-90% of cacao) will help you to slow down the effects of ageing. Yes, this is one more reason to start consuming it every day.
Avocados- the healthiest and the most delicious fruit will make your skin younger and healthier and because it contains a healthy type of fat it will hydrate the skin making it soft and supple all day.