Treat your dry sensitive skin in a right way
Treat your dry sensitive skin in a right way

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Treat your dry sensitive skin in a right way

Do you suffer from uncomfortable flare-ups of red, itchy and flaky skin? If the answer is: YES, then you are among those with dry sensitive skin.

In general, dry sensitive skin easily breaks out in rashes, gets blotchy red, it burns and stings because it cannot keep the moisture in. The mature skin, winter weather, irritating skin care products, and anti-aging treatments are the reasons for having dry sensitive skin.

To help your dry sensitive skin become healthy, hydrated, and smooth, you’ll need a simple, daily skin care routine that will work for your skin type.


  1. Bacteria, dead skin cells, the buildup of oil and pollution accumulated on your skin can make your skin irritated so, make sure to wash your face. For dry sensitive skin, it's best to clean properly once a day, before bed.
  1. A gentle lotion cleanser that is soap and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) free is the best choice as those harsh ingredients can remove natural needed oils from the skin and lead to further irritation and dryness. Besides SLS, also avoid cleansers with fragrance, alcohol, parabens and antimicrobial ingredients.
  1. Only wash with warm water, never hot.
  1. Humidity is the sensitive skin's best friend. So, keeping the shower door closed, can increase moisture in the skin.
  1. Avoid harsh scrubs, loofas, and washcloths.
  1. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel and never rub as you dry.
  1. It's best to moisturize while the skin is still slightly damp. This helps the moisturizer to penetrate the skin.
  1. Use gentle moisturizer free of harsh ingredients like retinol and salicylic acid and fragrances. Also, “natural” moisturizers that contain plant extracts and essential oils, may have irritating side effects.
  1. For very dry skin, emu oil has many benefits, it moisturizes without a greasy feel and has anti-aging properties
  1. Shea butter in face creams can be soothing.
  1. Glycerin in creams can be a beneficial ingredient.
  1. To prevent and repair fine lines and motivate new collagen production, use sodium hyaluronate in your moisturizer.
  1. Skin peels and other treatments may aggravate the problem. Instead, add Kaolin clay in your skincare routine.
  1. And for the makeup, choose mineral-based cosmetics as these will not clog pores and in general are gentle on sensitive skin.