Transform your skin with this natural product!
Transform your skin with this natural product!

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Transform your skin with this natural product!


Yogurt- one of the healthiest product that we consume every day and that is great for our overall health. Greeks have been using the yogurt for centuries for  health purposes and in their skin care routines and it comes as no surprise that they are healthy and have young-looking appearance. That’s why our Crystal Secret Team decided to reveal to you why is this natural product so healthy and how can you use it to achieve glowing and radiant skin. The yogurt is rich in lactic acid, probiotics, Vitamin D and calcium  and there is no doubt that it can do wonders for your body and skin. So, here are the fabulous recipes with yogurt that your skin will love and are very easy to make at home:


  1. Anti-aging yogurt face mask.

If you want to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from your face add this mask in your skin care routine. Mix 2 tbsp of yogurt and 1 tbsp of oats and apply it on your face. Leave the mask for 15 min and then rinse it of with cold water.


  1. Moisturizing yogurt mask.

Mix 4tbsp of yogurt, 1tbsp of cocoa and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it of with cold water. Repeat the method at least two times a week and you will see how your skin becomes glowing and healthy just like you have always wanted.


  1. Yogurt mask for skin brightening/whitening.

This face mask is very easy to make but has great skin lightening properties. Mix 2tbsp of plain yogurt together with a few drops of lemon or orange juice. Apply it on the face and after 10 minutes rinse it of with cold water. If you use it regularly it will help in lightening blemishes and reducing sun-tan.

 But there is one more thing. Yogurt can fight pimples too. Just apply the yogurt every night before bedtime on the affected areas. Believe us you will get rid of the pimples in no time.