Tips and tricks for youthful looks
Tips and tricks for youthful looks

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Tips and tricks for youthful looks

There isn't anyone that doesn't want to look and stay young. However, to stay forever young is impossible, but doing something about the look is as good as possible. That's why we present you 5 tips and tricks on how to look younger.

Tip no. 1: Try to avoid heavy eyeliners, very thick mascara or false eyelashes. Heavy and glittery make-up, too matte or too bright eye shadows can highlight the imperfections. Instead use simple and flattering shades of beige, brown, khaki or gray color. For longer lashes, use a few small clusters of fake lashes or use castor oil to naturally grow your own thicker, darker and longer lashes.


Tip no. 2: Too thick, cakey and matte foundation ages the most of all make-up. The trick is actually to look like you’re not wearing any foundation. For imperfect skin, a makeup primer is a must. It soothes wrinkles and pores so that makeup doesn’t settle into the lines. Mineral makeup foundations make you skin look more luminescent and dewy, creating a more youthful glow.

Tip no. 3: Dark lipstick and lip liner, overly matte lipstick and fake plumped lips are instant agers. Also, bright colors can make the dark circles and fine lines more obvious and the lips look thinner. Instead, go for pink in one or two shades lighter than the natural lip color. A lip gloss will help lips catch he light and look fuller.


Tip no. 4: Too-short bangs, too long hair, an updo and dark hair colors can make the look much older than the real age. Instead seek for a professional to create the perfect shade to enhance the skin and overall beauty.


Tip no. 5: Dark nail colors and long fake nails are so outdated.  Go for the bold colors. Sheer pink colors are the real thing!