These habits are making your acne worse!
These habits are making your acne worse!

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These habits are making your acne worse!

Nobody likes acne. Not only they look bad but the person begins to feel insecure and tries everything to cover or treat them. The harsh realty with the acne and pimples is that if you don't treat them on time the condition may get serious and the treatments can be really expensive. Well, if you are experiencing the acne-problem then you probably follow a skin care routine and have many natural and cosmetic products to treat them. But what happens when those annoying pimples won’t go away even if you did everything to treat them? As it turns out, there are some mistakes that actually make your acne worse, and maybe you are repeating them without realizing it.

  • You are picking and squeezing all the time. First of all, touching your face all the time is not recommended because your hands come into contact with all types of microbes and in this way, they can be transferred to your face and worse the problem. Secondly, by picking and squeezing the pimples you may develop a bacterial infection or create a scar on your face.
  • You are skipping the moisturizer. People that have pimples and acne usually have oily or combination skin and think that they don’t need a moisturizer. But you are making a HUGE mistake. The moisturizer should be still part of your routine especially if you are using products for acne treatment that can strip the oil from your face.
  • Sleep with makeup on. The worse thing that you can do to your skin is to sleep with your makeup on. The skin regenerates itself during the night and the makeup will clog the pores and you will end up with bigger pimples and inflammation.

One thing is very important when it comes to skin care: the less you mess with your skin, the healthier it will be!