The toxic substances in the cosmetic products
The toxic substances in the cosmetic products

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The toxic substances in the cosmetic products

Because a lot of people don't usually read the content of the cosmetic products and are not aware of their bad effects, we have made a small list in order to be conscious and well informed.

The toxins can be part of creams, perfumes, facial masks, gels, lotions, body milks etc. 

There are a lot of health organisations which draw the attention to the content of the cosmetic products, but the producers don't put the concentration with a percentage of the toxic substance on the label.



The list is long, but we have found the most dangerous ones:


1. Aluminium salts. The aluminium salts can cause breast cancer. You can find it in the antiperspirants in all of their forms: aluminum hydrochloride, aluminum sulfate, aluminum stearate etc.


2. Alcohol. If the product contains a pure alcohol, it is not dangerous, but if it's part of a chemical compound, it's dangerous and you have to avoid it. For example: alcohol denat, benzyl alcohol etc.


3. Perfumes. On the label it's not mention what the perfume contains. The perfumes can cause skin irritations.


4. Mineral oils. The mineral oils can be found in the deodorants, hair products and face products. They're dangerous, because they close the pores so the skin can't breathe, which is the opposite process of the organism's natural process. You can find them with different names: ozokerite, mineral oil, isododecane, paraffin, ceresin etc.


5. Parabens. The parabens are not forbidden by the law, because they're used as preservatives (antifungal and antibacterial). They can cause a lot of allergies and a lot of endocrine perturbations. 

The parabens are part of a lot of products: body milks, face creams, body lotions, baby products etc.


Today it is alarming how many diseases are caused by the toxins in the cosmetic products. It is essential to read the content on the label.

To protect your health, you can buy only natural and organic products or you can do homemade cosmetic products.