The scent layering is a thing now
The scent layering is a thing now

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The scent layering is a thing now

To be unique means to be brave. Generally, we are all unique in a certain way, but there are people who only copy the others. 

This article is about the braver people and for the ones who don't want to be ordinary.

The perfume is the personal trace of a man or a woman. Let's see how can we create a personalized perfume with already existing perfumes. 



- What is scent layering? Scent layering is a technique which  involves combining and mixing two or more perfumes or two or more olfactory compositions in order to obtain a personalized perfume.


- How to create a good combination? Normally, to combine two or more different perfumes seems risky, because the perfumes are consisted of many different notes. So how can we know which perfumes can we mix together?

One way to know, is to experiment. This means to mix the perfumes which you already have at home, until you find the perfect combo. 

Another way is to mix a simpler perfume with a perfume with a lot of notes. This means to mix a perfume with a lot of note with a perfume with one or two notes of which the main note should be consisted in the perfume with a lot of notes. For example, you can mix a floral perfume which contains a rose note with a perfume which has a strong rose scent. This way, you will have a new perfume which doesn't smell a lot like rose and which is not very floral. 


- Combine a perfume with an essential oil or with an eau de toilette. Because the perfumes are normally consisted of many notes, it will be more simple to combine a perfume with an essential oil or with an eau de toilette. The eau de toilette can also be consisted of several notes, but it never has a strong smell like the perfume. 

Regarding the choice of the essential oil, you can choose an essential oil which smells like a note already consisted in the perfume. 

If you have the feeling that a note is missing in your perfume, you can always add an essential oil to fulfill this void, in order to obtain your perfect and unique perfume.