The products you should NOT use in your skin care!
The products you should NOT use in your skin care!

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The products you should NOT use in your skin care!

Next time you want to try putting on your precious, beautiful face some homemade recipe or ingredient that you read on the net, you might want to think twice about products that aren't meant for that purpose. There are a lot of products that aren’t that great for your skin.

So, before you destroy your own body and face with a few bad DIY recipes, we want to give you a list of the most-common DIY ingredients and products that aren’t safe for your skin but, are actually among the worst that can cause a bad skin conditions.


Steaming-hot shower feels excellent and relaxing but, actually is irritating for the skin, especially for the dry and sensitive skin. Plus, drying out your skin will put your oil production into overdrive, leading to more acne and breakouts.


Most body lotions contain a ton of fragrance and fewer nourishing ingredients. Even if you don’t have skin issues, you’re still likely to have some sort of reaction, because fragrance is a significant skin allergen, meaning it’s irritating for most people.

  1. SUGAR!

The tiny edges of a sugar crystals are way too harmful for your face. On the surface of your skin can appear inflammation, red marks, and irritation. In fact, face scrubs are often too harsh for the skin, since coffee beans, nut shells, and other natural exfoliators still have sharp edges.


Alcohol is one of the most drying, damaging ingredient that you can put on your face. It strips your skin barrier of essential lipids and proteins, leading to a decrease in moisture and an increase of bacteria.


This “harmless” powder is actually disastrous for your skin. Baking soda is super alkaline which will significantly damage your skin’s natural barrier. Using it even once will cause damage to your skin, and prolonged use on the face will eventually cause significant moisture loss.

  1. LEMON!

If you apply pure lemon juice directly to your skin, it will immediately cause a significant amount of irritation. This fruit can cause rashes and burns on your skin if exposed to the sun after applying.