The perfect gift - homemade cosmetic products
The perfect gift - homemade cosmetic products

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The perfect gift - homemade cosmetic products

If your partner has a birthday coming soon or if you don't know what to buy for the Valentine's Day, we have the best idea for you - homemade cosmetic products for everyone's taste.

The process of making them is very fun and economical and your gift will be unique.

The best part - those products don't contain toxins. 



- A homemade deodorant. The deodorants contain a lot of toxins, aluminum and parabens. To avoid a lot of diseases on the glands, it is better to use a homemade deodorant. You can make it for you or for your partner. 

To prepare it you will need: baking soda, candelilla wax, coconut oil, shea butter, starch and tea tree oil. 


A homemade bath bomb. Because a deodorant is not enough for a gift, you can also make a bath bomb. The bath bomb is very fun and you can have fun with it together. 

To make it you will need: baking soda, a colorant, citric acid, rose essential oil, corn flour, argan oil and water.

We also add confetti. 

To define the shape of the bath bomb, you will also need a mold.

To make the bath bomb is very easy - you mix the ingredients, you add them in the mold and you let it sit during the whole night. 

In the morning your gift will be ready.


- A homemade body butter. Is there anyone who won't enjoy a body butter? It's the third part of our homemade gift collection after the deodorant and the bath bomb.

To prepare it you will need: shea butter, lemon meringue fragrance oil,  cera bellina and macadamia oil. 

You need to melt the shea butter along with the cera bellina and you add the fragrance and the macadamia oil afterwards.

You mix them until the paste is cooled down.


The 3 recipes make a perfect collection which is economical, organic and without risks for the health of your partner. 

Those products are not only good for the body, but they're also good for the soul.