The most necessary cosmetics for this spring
The most necessary cosmetics for this spring

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The most necessary cosmetics for this spring

To enjoy the sun in spring and to have a healthy and glowing problem - free skin, you should also use cosmetics which are recommended for the skin's state in spring.

Because the skin is more sensitive in spring, you need to exfoliate it, nourish it and protect it from the harmful UV rays.



- A hydrating cream. The hydrating cream is first on this list because it's a must - have product for this spring. Actually, it would be a lot better if you use a day cream and a night cream. Both of them should be hydrating. 

The skin is dry in winter, but it should be nourished in spring and it should be hydrated at all times, no matter the season.

In spring you need to use a hydrating cream, no matter the skin type, even if your skin is oily. 

We recommend using a face cream based on rose water, because it is usually recommended for a sensitive skin.


- A makeup palette. Because it is spring, you will need a new makeup palette. We recommend using a palette with nude, beige, peach and bronze eye shadows. You would be able to use the same palette in summer too. In spring, you can use the nude and peach eye shadows and you can use the others in the summer time. 

It would be better if the palette has creamy eye shadows. 


- A lip oil. The lips must be well hydrated and well nourished. Instead of using a lip balm, it is better to use a lip oil in spring.

You can buy a lip oil or you can create it at home. It is sufficient to just mix 3 of your favorite oils. You should mix oils which are edible, like the coconut oil for example. 


- A pocket perfume. Because the day lasts longer now, you will need a pocket perfume. If you can't find it in the shops, you can create it at home. 


You're ready to enjoy spring now!