The miracles of the vanilla
The miracles of the vanilla

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The miracles of the vanilla

The vanilla is known by its specific sweet smell that awakens the senses.

The vanilla has an important place in the kitchen, in the medicine and in cosmetics. In the kitchen, the vanilla is a part of numerous recipes for sweets. This is why its smell is an inspiration for a lot of cosmetic companies.



  • A smell that saves. The vanilla is used to relieve the stress. This is why the vanilla oil is used for massage sessions in the cosmetic saloons.

Its powerful sent is a part of a lot of parfums, body lotions, lip butters, shampoos etc. Its sent is the most favorite smell to a lot of people.


  • The vanilla is a powerful antioxidant. Did you know that the vanilla is a powerful antioxidant? The antioxidants are very important for the body, the skin, the function of the organs and for the cells. The oxidation process can cause cancer. The vanilla protects your organism and your skin from this process.

You can use the vanilla oil to have a glowing skin. You can put several drops of this oil in your face cream, your body lotion or even in the shampoo or the body wash. At the same time, you will have an anti – stress effect and you will enjoy its sent.


  • Hydrate the skin with vanilla. The vanilla hydrates the skin profoundly, nourishes it and strengthens it. The vanilla oil is used for a dry skin, but it can also have an anti – age effect on your face skin.

To have best results, it is recommended to use just the oil and not to mix it with other products.


  • Vanilla, a natural perfume. If you’re bored with the other perfumes, you can change them with a vanilla oil. To have a perfumed skin, you should put few drops of a vanilla oil on the neck, behind the ears and on the elbows.

The vanilla oil not only that regenerates the skin, but it also soothes it. It is the perfect stress solution which is part of our lives daily.