The history and the evolution of the makeup
The history and the evolution of the makeup

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The history and the evolution of the makeup

All women wear makeup in order to look beautiful and to hide the imperfections. But we, the modern women of the 21st century, are not the first ones to wear makeup. Women have worn makeup since the ancient times.

Every century had a femme fatal who was the most beautiful one for that time.

Cleopatra was between the first women who did their makeup. She is still a synonym for beauty. Not only that she had been doing her makeup, but she also had been doing some beauty treatments to nourish her skin.

Nefertiti is also a beauty symbol of Ancient Egypt.


Both of them, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, used products from the nature to do their makeup. They did their lips red and did their eyes black with a black color from the nature.

We are still getting inspiration, even today, from their classic look.

During the Ancien Régime in France (XVI – XVIII century), ‘painting’ the face in white was a fashion trend accepted by both, the women and the men. The King also painted the face. It was a sign of wealth, high class and aristocracy.

But the white powder, used to whiten the face, was toxic and everybody knew it. During those centuries people were accepting everything for beauty.

From 1920, the makeup became available for everybody no matter the social class. The cinema was guilty for this trend. We say that the cinema was guilty, because the cosmetic products were toxic. Women died from those products, because they contained lead, iron and other dangerous materials.

1950s were marked by the fashion icons Audrey Hepburn and Marylin Monroe. They wore a red lipstick and a black eye liner. The makeup was sensual and sexy.

The 1970s and the 1980s are well known by a very bright and colorful makeup.

The 2000s have seen a new trend: metallic colors, which is actually a futuristic look.

In the 21st century and also today, because we have busy lives, we live fast, so does the makeup trends change very fast. We use every color for a lipstick, for an eye shadows and for an eye pencil. We only change the way that we do the makeup.