The fruit for a good-looking skin
The fruit for a good-looking skin

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The fruit for a good-looking skin


It is a red fruit which is very healthy and which makes your skin glow. We talk about cherries!

The cherries contain a lot of vitamins which are good for the skin, the hair and which improve the general state of your health.

Th cherries, just like their flowers, are very used in the cosmetics, thanks to their benefits for the skin.



The cherries protect the skin from the sun. The cherries are rich with beta – carotene. The beta – carotene is responsible for skin pigmentation and it is known for protecting the skin from the sun. The cherries contain less beta – carotene than the carrots, but, however, the quantity that they contain is sufficient to protect the skin from the sun.

The cherries nourish the skin. The cherries are rich with vitamins A, B and C, which are the most important vitamins for the skin. Those vitamins nourish the skin profoundly and have the same effect if eaten or applied directly on the skin (we can make homemade cherry masks or we can use a cherry-based lip balm).

The cherries have an anti – aging effect. Because the cherries contain very powerful antioxidants and a vitamin C, if we eat them or if we use cherry based cosmetic products, we will have an anti – aging effect. The cherries are among the fruits which contain the most of antioxidants. Thanks to the antioxidants, the cherries protect the organism from cancer and soothe the muscle pain.

Cherries for a glowing skin. The cherries contain a melatonin. The melatonin is important for a good sleep. The good sleep is very important for a healthy skin. The melatonin reduces the stress. Because of the stress, the skin becomes grey, dry and it develops acne. It is recommended to drink a cherry juice in order to get the needed quantity of melatonin.

Cherries for a dry and irritated skin. The cherries contain the anthocyanins which cure the dry and the irritated skin. The anthocyanins are also responsible for the anti – aging effect on the skin. The anthocyanins are very present in cosmetics, especially in the face creams and in the body lotions.