The essential beauty products for the month of March
The essential beauty products for the month of March

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The essential beauty products for the month of March

Tomorrow is the 1st of March.

Every season and sometimes every month requires a specific care in order to have a glowing skin at all times. 

During winter time we have to hydrate and nourish the skin. Because of the cold and the wind it becomes dry. But in March the spring will come, so it won't be so cold like it was during those couple of months. 



- Rose water. The rose's gentle odor makes us dream. It is the smell of the spring. The rose water tones and nourishes the dry skin and we can also use it as a natural makeup remover.


- Calendula based hand cream. Because of the cold, the skin can become dry. The hands and the face are the most sensitive parts. If you have a calendula based hand cream, than you have everything you need for the upcoming month. You can also add some calendula oil in the hand cream, if your hands are very dry and sensitive, in order to repair them more quickly.


- Tea tree essential oil. We didn't forget about the persons with an oily and combination skin. The tea tree essential oil is a natural remedy against acne and pimples. If you have an acne prone skin, the tea tree oil is the essential product for you.


- A black mask. No matter the season or the month, we have to exfoliate the skin all the time. If you want to break up with the blackheads for good, we recommend exfoliating the face with a black mask at least once a week. The black mask also regulates the quantity of sebum and removes the extra sebum. The best black mask is our Crystal Secret black mask.


- A BB cream. Because the UV rays are dangerous even at this time of the year, we recommend using a BB cream with a SPF protection. The BB cream hydrates the skin and the skin can breathe, which is on the contrary of the face powders which close the pores. 


To complete the list, we recommend staying in a good mood and smiling more often. The real beauty comes from the inside.