The effects of the vitamin C on the skin
The effects of the vitamin C on the skin

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The effects of the vitamin C on the skin

The vitamin C, either consumed or put directly on the skin, has miraculous effects on the skin. 

It can be found in the citrus fruits, kiwis, vegetables, strawberries, peppers etc.

It is also part of many cosmetic products, such as face serums, creams and milks.



1. Vitamin C to improve the skin's elasticity. The vitamin C has a positive influence on the collagen which is responsible for the skin's elasticity. This is why it is part of many face serums which are trending today.


2. Improve the skin's structure with the vitamin C. The vitamin C fights against wrinkles and against the negative effects from the sun. You can consume the vitamin C as an artificial supplement, in order to improve the skin's structure. Sometimes, it is not sufficient what we eat to get the needed quantity of the vitamin C for our organism. The recommended dose is 110 mg of vitamin C per day. 


3. The vitamin C serum has an anti - aging effect. The vitamin C serums are trending because they have an anti - aging effect and they're responsible for the retreat of skin pigmentation.


4. The vitamin C cures acne.  The vitamin C hydrates the skin profoundly and improves the micro-circulation. If the micro-circulation is improved, the acne, the pimples and the other skin problems remedy more quickly. 


5. The vitamin C for the skin of the smokers. The smokers, with each cigarette, lose a small quantity of vitamin C. Everybody need vitamin C, but the smokers need it the most. If you smoke, you need to use vitamin C serums and you need to consume the vitamin C every day.


Because the vitamin C, just like the other vitamins, doesn't stay in the organism for more than a day, you need to consume it every day and you need to use face serums based on vitamin C every day.