The effects of the tobacco on the skin
The effects of the tobacco on the skin

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The effects of the tobacco on the skin

The tobacco, just like the pollution and the stress, is very bad for the skin. The tobacco, the stress and the pollution accelerate the skin’s oxidation process. The oxidation process accelerates the premature aging of the skin and can provoke different diseases such as cancer.



  • The tobacco provokes acne. The tobacco provokes acne at the youngest and at the adults. A lot of people don’t know why do they have acne when they are older. The reason is that the tobacco causes acne. Normally, the opinions are divided, there are different studies which prove that the tobacco causes acne and there are studies which prove that the tobacco can’t cause acne. The real truth is that the tobacco causes acne, but this depends on the organism and on the skin type. At some persons the tobacco can cause acne and can make the situation worse, and at others the effects of the tobacco are different, so it doesn’t cause acne.

Sometimes at some people, the acne appears after they have quitted smoking. But don’t you worry, it’s a completely normal process. The skin wants to get rid of the toxins, so after the quit of the smoking it is sometimes normal to have acne.


  • A dull and grey complexion. The smokers have a bad complexion because the tobacco dehydrates the skin. The skin dehydration is a very big skin problem and can cause serious illnesses. Not only that the skin dehydration causes acne, but it can also lead to a premature skin aging.

The smokers lose vitamin C because of the tobacco so this is why the premature skin aging is very common with them. The vitamin C is essential for the process of the skin renewing, but all of the vitamins are lost after a day in the organism. This is why the smokers should take extra doses of vitamin C as a food supplement.