The effects of exercising for the skin
The effects of exercising for the skin

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The effects of exercising for the skin

Doing sports improves the mood, the cardio - vascular system and it rejuvenates the skin. 

On the contrary, the active life can provoke an acne burst out if you don't take a good care of the skin before going to the gym.To avoid an acne burst out, you shouldn't put makeup before exercising and you should cleanse the skin after the session.

Apart from all of this, doing sports has a lot of skin benefits.



- Sweating detoxifies the skin. To have a healthy skin, it is very important to detoxify it. The sweating not only that it detoxifies it, but it also detoxifies the whole body. All of the toxins are liberated, so the body can function properly. It is very important for the skin to sweat, because the pores open by sweating. Avoid using antiperspirants and makeup, because they close the pores. It is sufficient to put a face cream and a deodorant. 


- A healthy cardio - vascular system to rejuvenate the skin. Doing sports improves the cardio - vascular system, which means a better blood circulation and a better microcirculation. The microcirculation is very important for having a healthy skin. If the microcirculation is improved, the skin's elasticity is also improved. The skin's elasticity is important in order to have a firm face skin. With other words, doing sports has an anti - aging effect on the skin.


- Do sports in order to have a glowing skin. The sport beautifies the skin. During a sport activity, the body gets oxygen. The oxygen is very important for a proper skin function. If the skin lacks oxygen, it will be gray and dry. The oxygen regenerates the skin cells. Why go and do expensive skin face treatments when you can exercise in order to get the necessary quantity of oxygen. 


- Refresh the skin - doing sports against insomnia. The active life allows you to sleep better and we already know that a good sleep is important in order to have a glowing skin. The good sleep renews the skin. It is recommended to sleep for at least 8 hours, in order to have a beautiful skin. So the sport refreshes the skin.


Don't forget to cleanse the skin after a physical activity.