The celebrities’ favorite makeup trend for fall 2018
The celebrities’ favorite makeup trend for fall 2018

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The celebrities’ favorite makeup trend for fall 2018

The celebrities are the trendsetters. They always start the trend for makeup, for hairstyles and for clothes.

Regarding the makeup, their latest favorite trend are cherry eyes.

All of the cosmetic companies which produce eyeshadows, changed their red and orange shades with rose, cherry and berry shades.

So, how to copy this look and how to wear it?



  • Find an eyeshadow palette that contains cherry and berry shades. For starters, it is essential to find an eyeshadow palette which contains cherry and berry shades. You can’t make a mistake, because the palette contains the needed shades which are trending right now.

If you don’t want to spend money and buy a new eyeshadow palette, you can search for those kinds of shades in the palettes that you already have at home.


  • How to combine the colors? The same rule applies as always, you apply the lighter shades on the inner corner of the eye, and the darker ones on the rest of your eyelid.

You can also use just one color, which should be lighter than the others or you can simply put a light rose shade.


  • Use a black eyeliner to accentuate the eyes. The black eyeliner looks very good with those cherry and berry shades. We recommend not to put the eyeliner on the inner corner of the eye. You can apply it from the center of your eyelid till the end of your eyelid.


  • The mascara is a must. The black mascara is a must, in order to accentuate the eyes.


  • Which lipstick color? Because those shades are not typical shades that we are used to use normally, and because those are ‘new’ shades, it is natural to ask ourselves which lipstick color should we use.

The one lipstick which we can always use with every possible combination is the nude lipstick.

For the braver ones, we recommend either the orange or the coral lipstick.


This trend is perfect for the brunets with brown eyes and a darker complexion.