The benefits of the vitamin B5
The benefits of the vitamin B5

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The benefits of the vitamin B5

Our organism needs vitamins in order to function properly. We can consume vitamins or we can use them directly on the hair and on the skin.

The most important vitamin for the hair and for the skin is the vitamin B. This vitamin is divided in several groups: B1, B5, B8, B9, B12…

The vitamin B5 is the vitamin for the skin. You can also find it under the name of pantothenic acid or vitamin anti – stress.

You can cure acne, grow your hair or your nails with this vitamin.



  1. Cure acne. Because acne causes a lot of problems to the young people, our solution is to use the vitamin B5, in order to cure them.

The vitamin B5 can be found in the pharmacy in a form of capsules or pills.  When consumed, the function of this vitamin is to reduce the stress. We already know that acne sometimes can be a consequence of the stress.

The necessary dose for an adult per day is 5 mg.

There are also face creams and toners which contain vitamin B5 and which are meant to cure acne.

You can also put several drops of the vitamin B5 in your night cream.


  1. The vitamin B5 reduces the excess of sebum. The vitamin B5 reduces the skin’s oil which prevents the production of the excess of sebum. It can be used by the persons with an oily or a combination skin. You can also put it on the scalp to reduce the oil on the hair.


  1. The vitamin B5 to grow the hair. The vitamin B5 can be found in the brewer’s yeast, in the avocado, in the soya, in the egg yolk, in the lentils etc.


It is recommended to consume it once a day, but if you’re desperate to grow your hair, we have found a recipe:


  • Ingredients:


  • Organic nettle shampoo
  • 2 ampoules of B5
  • 2 ampoules of B6
  • 2 ampoules of B9
  • 2 ampoules of B12
  • 2 drops of panthenol

You only sip the ampoules in the shampoo and you shake the bottle.