The benefits of the tea tree oil
The benefits of the tea tree oil

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The benefits of the tea tree oil

The tea tree oil, which originates from Australia, is very effective for the oily skin in general. It is very gentle for the skin. It can be used to nurture the face, the hair and the whole body.


  1. If you use it to nurture the face, it is very effective in making the acnes and the other imperfections on the skin vanish. It has an antibacterial, tonifying and purifying effect on the skin. It is an oil which is rich with active agents which purify the skin at its deepest and eliminates the extra sebum.

You should put two or three drops of it in your daily creme, in your make – up remover tonic or in your lip butter. Afterwards, you should mix it all and it is ready to be used.

You can use this mixture on your whole face.

If you decide to use this oil applied on a cotton only, then you should only use it locally on the acnes, so you won’t experience a contra indication.



  1. If you use it for your hair, it is very effective for an oily hair, since the oily hair comes from the oily skin on the head.

The tea tree oil is very effective for the hair loss caused by the external factors. It regulates the production of the sebum on the scalp and it makes the infectious micro – organisms, which are responsible for the disbalance of the natural process of the scalp, vanish.

You should put 2 -3 drops of this oil in a rinse water. It should stay on the scalp for 30 minutes and then it should be washed off.


  1. This oil can be used for the whole body too. His vast usage makes it a perfect remedy for the foot viruses and the foot fungus. It can also be used to tonify the acnes on the back.

It treats the skin problems like the eczema, skin irritations and skin problems from insect bites with just one drop of it on a cotton tampon. It is possible to use it pure.

The tea tree oil has a very various usage for the skin treatments. It is very effective and it is a natural way to improve your skin health.