The benefits of the mineral water for the skin
The benefits of the mineral water for the skin

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The benefits of the mineral water for the skin

The water is the elixir of life. It is the secret for having a perfect skin that looks younger than it is.

We can’t live without water. Our body is consisted of 60% water.

If we don’t drink water, our skin becomes greyish, tired and it develops acnes. The dark circles around the eyes are not always a reaction from the lack of sleep. If we don’t drink water, they become even darker.

If we don’t drink water we become dehydrated and we eat more than we should. It is also more possible for our skin to develop acnes.

We can either drink water or we can use water as a skin care.


There are few situations when we should drink more water. For example, when the weather is too hot, when we do a physical effort and when we are sick:

  • Dinking water is another way to protect ourselves from the heat. We are protecting our skin from the UV rays.
  • When we do sports, we lose water. So, it is very important to drink water before and during the sport class.
  • When we are sick, our body is dehydrated, so we should drink a lot of water.

The preferred quantity is 6 to 8 glasses of water per day, in order to have a perfect skin. By drinking water, we eliminate the toxins in our body and in our skin. The water is very purifying for the skin.

There are some drinks like the coffee, which dehydrate us. With one cup of coffee, you should drink one glass of water.

Another secret for having a perfect skin, is to have a steam bath. The steam bath opens the pores and it is very effective in eliminating the blackheads.

You should have a steam bath before applying the black mask, because this mask is the most effective on open pores.

Because the tap water is not always good, you can put thermal water or sparkling water on your face too. Those types of water profoundly purify the skin, soften it and eliminate the acnes. They are very good in eliminating the dark circles around the eyes, so as the wrinkles.

The water should be a part of your daily routine without excuses!