The benefits of the mango for the skin
The benefits of the mango for the skin

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The benefits of the mango for the skin

The mango's odor will make you dream about exotic places.

You can eat it or use it for a face care. 

The mango is a main ingredient of many cosmetic products. It is rich with very important vitamins, which are needed for maintaining the skin's health.



1. The mango rejuvenates your face. The mango is rich with a vitamin A, which is important for skin rejuvenation. Either eating it or using it on the skin, you will have the same effect. The vitamin A helps in deleting the wrinkles.


2. Protect yourself from the UV rays with the mango. The mango is rich with vitamin C which protects your skin from the UV rays. If you eat it, the vitamin C will help in strengthening your skin.


3. The mango hydrates the skin well. The mango is a powerful antioxidant and it eliminates the free radicals. When applied on your face, the mango treats the dry skin and it nourishes it profoundly. It's a protection on the face which doesn't let the pollution agents penetrate into the skin. 


4. Use mango slices to remedy acne. If you cut a mango slice and if you leave it on your face for 15 minutes, you will be able to remedy and prevent acne.


5. Use the mango to repair your hair. The mango can be used to repair the dry hair. You can make a homemade mango conditioner to nourish the hair.


6. Use the mango to do a scrub. You can use mango slices (from the internal mango skin) to do a scrub on the face or on the body. The mango will tighten the pores and moisturize the skin.


7. A mango butter for the dry skin. You can use a mango butter for the dry skin on your face or on your body. The mango butter hydrates the skin, protects it from the pollution and from the UV rays. You can also use mango butter to make a lip balm, a soap, a hair conditioner and a cream for the curls.