The benefits of the lemon for the skin
The benefits of the lemon for the skin

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The benefits of the lemon for the skin

The lemon is a true miracle. Rich with vitamin C, it has different benefits for the organism. The lemon can also be consumed as a vinegar replacement in your salad and it can give a specific taste to your tea and soup. 

It is very often recommended by the doctors and by the grandmas, because it improves the general health.

But, it has different benefits for the skin too.



1. Remedy acne with a lemon juice. The lemon juice is antibacterial and it helps remedy acne. It is consisted of an ascorbic acid that is very effective against the bacteria that causes acne.

You should simply apply several drops of lemon juice on a cotton pad and cleanse the face with. You can cleanse the face once a week. It is recommended to cleanse it before going to bed, because the ascorbic acid on the skin can have a counter effect when exposed directly on the sun. 

You can also combine the lemon with other ingredients in order to do a mask against acne. 

This is a recipe for a mask against acne: a cup of lemon juice and a piece of cottage cheese.

You mix the ingredients in order to obtain a homogeneous paste. You apply it on the face and you let it sit for 30 minutes. This mask doesn't irritate the skin. 

It is possible that in some cases, the lemon juice irritates the skin. If this happens to be your case, please check before applying the mask. 


2. The lemon regulates the sebum. Lemon has astringent substances. This is why you can use it if you have an oily or a combination skin. It can be used as a replacement of the face cleanser.


3. The lemon nourishes the sensitive skin. The lemon can be used for a sensitive skin too. Because it is rich with vitamin C, it nourishes and it cleanses the sensitive skin. 

If your skin is sensitive, let the lemon juice sit on your face for 30 minutes and rinse it afterwards. 


The lemon juice is the secret ingredient of the many women who managed to remedy acne. So it's worth trying it.